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Authentic Native American Jewellery

Kenneth Maxymowich Jewellery located in Zuni, New Mexico brings you the most beautiful and unique Zuni and Navajo jewelry on the planet. We live, love and work in the Heart of the Southwest and can offer incredible contemporary and vintage Native American hand made jewelry and art. So many amazing artists are our friends and we are so proud to offer their jewelry to the world. 

We are extremely excited to, for the first time ever, showcase Zuni jewelry and art in Cowboys and Indians magazine. Cowboys & Indians magazine is a prestigious magazine promoting Indigenous and Western life, art and style. We are so proud of our full page ad including Zuni’s sacred mountain Dowa Yalanne. It’s an honour and privilege for us to promote and showcase Zuni art to the world.


Please join us at the world’s largest Gem and Jewelry Show in Tucson, Arizona January 24 to February 7, 2024. We will be showcasing our incredible Native American Jewelry Collection. We will have one of a kind, rare and unique Zuni Jewelry not seen anywhere else. Living in Zuni gives us the opportunity to bring incredible Zuni Jewelry to the World.

Once we conclude the Tucson Gem Show, we are taking our jewelry and art on the road. We are travelling across this beautiful country and visiting Native American Art Galleries on our journey. If you’d like us to visit please drop us a line!