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Native American hand made jewellery and art – at your fingertips!

Since before the pandemic, Kenny Maxymowich has been supporting artists in Zuni, New Mexico. The pandemic has been especially hard on artists in the Pueblo. Communicating from Canada, Kenny eventually became the biggest buyer of jewelry in Zuni amassing a large collection.

Fast forward to August of 2022 and Santa Fe Market. Kenny met the love of his life and his journey brought him to Zuni permanently.

This Collection Website brings beautiful genuine Native American hand made jewelry and art to your fingertips. A few clicks and you can have incredible authentic jewelry, pottery, carvings, paintings, beadwork and art in your hands in a couple days.

We specialize in rare one of a kind pieces you will not find anywhere else yet we are also buying pieces in Zuni every day providing the world with genuine Zuni made jewelry and fetish carvings.

We will be updating the website often and every month we want to email you on exciting news and exciting new pieces up for sale.

Please let us know your email address so we can keep you updated.

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