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Zuni vintage unsigned Helen & Lincoln Zunie inlay carved sterling silver hereford cow bolo tie

Lincoln Zunie was the eldest brother of an incredibly talented family of inlay artists. Joe Zunie and William Zunie are known for their instantly recognizable jewelry and excelled in their art with their equally talented wives. Lincoln and Helen Zunie created beautiful inlay work incorporating animals and mostly horses and cattle. Their work is also easily recognizable for most artists. They also created beautiful inlay work on their covered wagons and most had moving wheels. Today we concentrate on their hereford cow design. Here is an incredible example of their very early unsigned work. The fasteners on the back of the centrepiece are rarely seen except for very early pieces by the couple. This beautiful perfectly inlaid heavy hereford cow bolo tie is created with white shell, black jet, mother of pearl, spiny oyster shell, turquoise and sterling silver. This stunning bolo tie measures 3.5 inches wide with wonderful stampwork up the side. . Priced at $3000 with layaway available. — in Zuni Pueblo, New Mexico.

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